Tiki cruises are so much better with friends! That’s why we require 6 islanders to go out. If there are less than 6 people booked for the cruise the day before, we will contact you and reschedule to the closest available time or issue you a credit which can be used to rebook at any time in the future.

Physically or spiritually? Oh, the boring one.

Our address is 60 Rowes Wharf (directly behind the Boston Harbor Hotel) and the dock our boats depart from can be accessed from Gate B or Gate C.

If you’re having trouble finding us, try taking a look at our pinned Instagram story conveniently named “Location”!

Now what kind of Tiki cruise would it be without some tunes?! We have a Spotify set up on board ready to play your favorite tropical beats.

On public cruises, the captain is also the DJ. They do take requests, but they reserve the right to deny a request if they believe it will mess up the vibe of the boat. No hard feelings!

On private cruises, you are the DJ. You get full access to the playlist and you can blast your heavy-metal-K-pop mashup all through Boston Harbor if that’s your cup of rum.

Our public events have a capacity of 24 passengers, this gives all our guests plenty of room to sit down or walk around the deck. Our private parties can have up to 30 guests.

To serve drinks on a boat you have to follow quite a few rules, so we can only welcome passengers aged 16 and above. Also, keep in mind that you have to be at least 21 to sit at the bar. Make sure to have your ID ready for a quick check when boarding!

Short answer – please don’t be! All of our boats run on a pretty tight schedule so we have to depart at the scheduled time. No worries though, we know delays happen and we can always try to hold the boat for a few minutes, but please allow ample time to get to the dock for your scheduled cruise.

If you do end up missing your cruise, we’ll try to put you on another one later in the day, but if we’re unable to do so, your tickets will not be honored. Sorry!

Islanders are encouraged to tip the crew, not the boat, during the cruise should you feel you’ve been provided with exceptional service. Additionally, you will receive a follow-up email asking about your experience with a link to leave a gratuity if you were blown away. Gratuity is split among the crew that made your experience possible. We highly appreciate any gratuities!

Looking at the forecast and seeing gray? Don’t believe a word they say! We’re kidding of course, but our New England weather is so unpredictable that it’s pretty much impossible to plan too far ahead.

If it happens to be raining at the time of your cruise, it shouldn’t be a problem at all – our boat has a roof and sides that come down so we like to believe it’s always 75 and sunny!

We always keep a close eye on the radar and if the weather does get a bit more extreme (heavy wind, thunderstorm,..) and we do have to cancel, we’ll make sure to notify you as soon as possible and offer you a reschedule or a full refund. Usually, this will be on the day of your cruise.

A Hawaiian shirt and a Lei, of course. That’s the official Tiki Islander uniform! Basically, wear whatever feels comfortable, but we always advise to bring an extra layer just in case. The temperature in the harbor changes throughout the day so it is better to be safe than chilly.

Unfortunately, since all of our boats carry a liquor license, we can not allow any outside beverages. Don’t worry, our bartender will make sure to keep you well-hydrated!

*Please note, that no beverages or cups can be taken off the boat after your cruise.

Of course! Feel free to bring your favorite light snacks to enjoy alongside our tropical cocktails.

Just make sure it’s nothing too messy – if there is a mess after the cruise that requires a cleaning crew, we do have to charge a $200 cleaning fee. It hasn’t happened yet, but nobody wants to be the first, so no shrimp cocktail towers or build-your-own taco stations please!

The cruise is in total 1 hour and 30 minutes long. The first 10 minutes is boarding and the last 5 minutes are deboarding.

Yes, we have a bathroom located at the rear of the boat.

Absolutely! We have 12 seats at the bar and another 12 at the front of the boat.

*Seating at the bar is first come, first serve and reserved for customers 21+.

Yes, we have a full bar on board which offers canned drinks as well as tropical cocktails.

We know sometimes life gets in the way and plans change. No worries – we got your back! If you need to cancel your booking, we can issue you a credit for the full amount that can be used to rebook at any time (the credit does not expire!). Keep in mind that a lot of people are eager to cruise with us, so we do require a 72-hour notice for all cancellations! If you cancel your cruise within 72 hours of departure, you will not be eligible for credit. We do not provide refunds.

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